Brenda Kehoskie is an Animal Behavioral College Certified Dog Obedience Trainer located between Auburn and Skaneateles N.Y.

Looking for a dog obedience trainer in the Auburn, Skaneateles area?  Kehoskie's K9 Care is located between Skaneateles and Auburn in the heart of the Fingerlakes of Central New York. Brenda is a graduate of Animal Behavioral College (ABC). ABC embraces the use of positive reinforcement training techniques. Brenda will show you that by ignoring unwanted behaviors your dog will learn that these behaviors are no longer rewarding, and that they will disappear. Equally as important is to remember to praise your dog for desired calm behavior so that he will learn that these behaviors get him what he desires.  


Kehoskie's K9 Care Offers:

  • Private lessons - Given at training facility or in your home. 
  • Group Play Sessions
  • Correcting behavioral issues

Mary Casselman offers Group Obedience on Wednesdays 6-7pm. Next session 9/12.